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National Police Checks For Individuals

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A National Police Check is a report of your criminal history. It encompasses all States and Territories, as well as federal jurisdictions. Police checks are often required when you’re applying for a job or a volunteer position.

Rather than go through the hassle of in-person verification, you can apply and receive your police check with a quick phone call and online verification tools with CrimCheck.
CrimCheck makes Police Check quick and easy, and because they are accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) their reports are accepted for all employment and volunteer organisations.

CrimCheck is also not for profit, so a part of your fee goes back into the community and you have a document that can get you on the front foot with your job search.

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Why Do You Need A Police Check?

In some industries, police checks are mandatory before commencing work, such as those who work with children, the elderly, and the disabled or vulnerable. It is also required for work in the health, justice, and corrections sectors. Many other sectors are not legally required to obtain a Police Check, but companies and organisations will very likely require one as a condition of employment. These include sectors where sensitive information is handled as part of the work, such as in finance and insurance.

Volunteers are often required to get Police Check too, and this is usually because they are charities that meet one or more of the above criteria.

Any individual can get a Police Check at any time. If you’re interested in changing jobs or taking up a volunteer position, a Police Check will be a big tick on your application form and can speed up the application process. As they are valid for five years, getting a Police Check now could save you time later.

How To Apply For Police Check?

Police Checks can be conducted through state police or an accredited agency, such as CrimCheck. The procedure is easy and fast, as only a phone call and online verification is required, meaning you can get your check from the comfort of your home, office, or home office.

To get started, call Crimcheck to organise your police check. From there, you’ll be assisted in securely uploading your identification documents, and within as little as twenty-four hours, you will have a full Police Check ready for your next job or adventure.

Online verification requires that you supply one commencement document, one primary document, and two secondary documents. These are common documents, such as birth certificates, visas, licenses, and passports. For more information on the documents required, Crimcheck has a guide here.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Police Checks For Individuals

The Police Checks performed by CrimCheck are National Criminal History reports. These are accepted throughout Australia, where standard Police Checks are required. If you require a Police Check for immigration or visa purposes, you must apply for your check directly via the Australian Federal Police.

The timeframe on Police Checks is usually within twenty-four hours, however, delays can occur if your details are similar to others who have a reportable criminal history. This requires further investigation to ensure that only your criminal history is included in the report.

CrimCheck’s FAQs have further information on these and other questions you may have regarding your police check.

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"I have been using CrimCheck for some years now and I have had nothing but great service from the system and staff. I would recommend CrimCheck to anyone wanting an efficient, user-friendly service."

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