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Police Checks for Uber & Uber Eats drivers

Criminal Background Checks for Uber & Uber Eats?

A Police Check is a report of your criminal history. This check includes all states and territories of Australia, as well as federal jurisdictions.

Uber is keen for all of its drivers to have a police check as they are very much in the public space. Picking up people on the street or delivering food to people’s homes, they want to be reassured that their drivers are checked by the police.

When a police check is conducted, we will be looking for:

  • Any currently pending matters awaiting trial.
  • Any charges associated with a person.
  • Any court convictions.
  • And findings of guilt leveled at a person.
  • Court orders, including good behaviour bonds.
  • Any minor offenses, such as traffic offenses, all the way up to major crimes.

Police checks are a ‘point in time’ check. It only shows your criminal history up until the point in time the check was conducted. This means they technically have no expiration date. However, in states like Victoria, companies don't usually accept a police check older than 3 months.

In Victoria, the Victorian Parliament passed the Spent Convictions Act 2021 on the 18th of March, 2021, and it came into effect on the 1st of December, 2021. In short, this legislation removes barriers to employment for people who have previously committed an offence, but has shown to be rehabilitated.

Do I Need An International Police Check?

To work in Australia, you do not need an international police check, just a domestic police check.

If a person has obtained the correct visa to work in Australia, they only need to fulfil the Australian employment checks.

We have more information about International Police Checks here.

How To Do A Criminal Background Check For Uber?

A criminal background check for uber drivers is just the same for anyone else. We need to sight 4 identifying documents to prove who you are.

We need to see:

  • 1 Commencement of Identity document
  • 1 Primary Use in the Community document
  • 2 Secondary Use in the Community document
  • And at least one identifying document must have a photo of you.

You can get more details about your identity requirements here.

If you are an international citizen wanting to work in Australia, you may be required to get an International Police Check.

For full details on how to get a police check, we have a comprehensive article you can read here.

Once you have received your Police Check from CrimCheck, you can upload it to the Uber site by clicking on this submission link.

Why CrimCheck?

CrimCheck is easy and convenient. You can complete the process online, saving the hassle of ringing during business hours, being put on hold, or other issues surrounding call centres.

A fast turn-around time means you don’t need to delay for too long when going for a job.

We have a raft of support for you if you get into strife. There's a comprehensive FAQ to read through and a team of helpful staff waiting to assist you any way they can.

CrimCheck is the only not-for-profit criminal history check service in Australia. Any profits we make are returned to the community. We understand the people who need our services.

Click here for an Individual check

Want to check the Rules around police checks in your state?

The rules surrounding police checks can be different for each state. We have information regarding every state, so choose the one relevant to you:

Police Check Victoria
Police Check NSW
Police Check QLD
Police Check WA
Police Check SA
Police Check TAS
Police Check NT
Police Check ACT

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