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Police checks In NSW

Police checks are commonplace as many jobs and volunteer positions require them to start work. For both businesses and employees alike, police checks must be done both quickly and thoroughly to avoid delays in the hiring process and to ensure the employee is the right fit for the position.

Historically, police checks were a time-consuming process, requiring verification through written forms which had to be posted. Online and phone verification tools have made this process much quicker while still retaining accuracy.

Police checks in New South Wales include criminal information from all states and territories. The police check will show the same information whether you're in Byron Bay, Broken Hill, or Bombala. Your police check will show all matters pending trial, charges, court convictions, guilty findings without conviction, and bonds or court orders, but not spent convictions. Under New South Wales law, spent convictions will not be shown in a police check, which means that older minor convictions will not be present on a current check.

To ensure accuracy and security, New South Wales police checks should always be conducted by an agency which is Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited. Under the current system, an accredited agent such as CrimCheck can return police check results in one day. In some cases, it does take longer to ensure that the person who is being checked is not confused with another person with the same or similar information.

New South Wales police checks are appropriate for all employment and volunteer checks. Applications about Visa or Immigration should go directly through the Australian Federal Police.

What Types Of People Need National Police Clearances In NSW?

Police checks are extremely commonplace when commencing employment, volunteer work, or applying for licenses. While some industries require mandatory checks, others choose to run police checks as a condition of employment.

Industries that require mandatory police checks include those which require firearms training, including those in the criminal justice system, the prison system, and security. Any industry where the employee will be in contact with children or the elderly also require a mandatory police check, including teaching, child care, and the aged care sector. These checks are not limited to paid work, but also required for volunteer work where these conditions are met.

Other industries that may require a police check include those in which sensitive information is dealt with, including the health and finance sectors, and where public interaction is required as part of the job description.

People applying for visas and other immigration-related applications also require a police check, which may need to be processed via the Australian Federal Police. It is important to contact an accredited agency to be certain of which check applies to you.

How Far Back Does A Police Check Go In NSW?

Convictions from the beginning of your life may show up on a New South Wales police check, however there are some exceptions. New South Wales has a spent conviction law, as do other states and territories.

A conviction becomes spent after a proscribed crime-free period or if a conditional release order has been adhered to and completed. Convictions which resulted in a prison term greater than six months, sexual offences, and those imposed against body corporates are not eligible to become spent convictions and will show up on police checks regardless of the time that has passed since the offence.

If you have a police record from another state you can research their spent conviction laws, or contact an accredited police check organisation for advice on how far back a police check goes

How Long Do Police Checks Last In NSW?

Most industries require a new police check every five years, including those who require working with children checks. There can be, however, circumstances which require a police checks to be conducted more frequently. In private companies the amount of time between police checks can be at the employer's discretion.

Why Is it Difficult to Apply for A Police Check In NSW?

The great news is that it isn't difficult to apply for a police check in New South Wales. Historically, police checks required physical documents to be posted or presented to get a police check. The process was unwieldy and took a long time to complete. It has recently been streamlined so that with a quick phone call and uploading some documents, you can apply for a police check in no time at all, and most results are returned within one day.

Why Choose CrimCheck?

Crimcheck is a nonprofit, accredited police check agency. This means your police check results will be thorough, and your fee will help the community.

The streamlined process at CrimCheck, including a self-service option, can get you started with a quick phone call or a click of your mouse, and most results are returned in one day, so the job of your dreams could be yours tomorrow.

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Do I need A Police Check For Employment In NSW & Sydney?

While it is not compulsory to have a Police Check for many jobs in New South Wales, some professions, such as security, teaching or jobs within the health sector do require a Police Check, as you would be working with minors or the vulnerable.

Does Drink driving show on a Police Check in NSW?

A drink driving conviction is classed as spent as soon as it is delivered by the courts. This means it won’t appear on your Police Check unless there are special exemptions in place. For example, if you were applying for a taxi or ride-share position, then your conviction would be made known through the Police Check.

Do Spent convictions show on a Police Check NSW?

Spent convictions, in general, do not appear on Police Checks in New South Wales. Again, there can be exemptions for this, especially if the spent conviction relates directly to a role you are applying for.

Can I get an international Police Check with Crimcheck?

Yes, you can get an international Police Check thanks to Crimcheck. We have links to courts worldwide to assist us with international Police Checks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Need Police Clearances For A Large Group Of People?

While CrimCheck is not for profit, they are highly experienced in dealing with businesses and corporations. If you need police checks for your employees, it's easy to set up an account and have all your criminal check needs catered for. CrimCheck's quick and thorough reports will ensure your business is safe and staying within the legal guidelines.

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