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Police Check Sydney

Are you located in the Sydney area and need a police check fast? CrimCheck processes and delivers police checks in as little as one business day.

National police checks are an essential part of the employment process that prospective employees must undergo before hiring. This is done for the benefit of both employees and employers to ensure that new hires are suitable for the occupation they are applying for.

Applying with an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited organisation such as CrimCheck is the best way to ensure the validity of your police check. To avoid delays in the vetting process, a police check should be completed as soon as possible.

When a police check is run on an individual it will return all disclosable outcomes including pending charges which are sourced directly from the databases of Australian police agencies in all states and territories.

Juvenile convictions and any offences under the spent convictions scheme will not be disclosed. The spent convictions scheme will void a conviction if a period of 10 years has passed without the individual committing another offence. The spent convictions scheme is also dependent on the offence committed as not all offences are eligible. So, there is a chance that a past conviction may not be displayed under this scheme.

While not every employer or industry may require a police check as part of the hiring process, it is common to be asked to undergo one. If a police check is required for the purpose of visas or immigration, the check should be done directly via the Australian Federal Police.

Who Is Required to Obtain a Police Check in Sydney?

If asked to undergo a police check, don’t fret. This practice is legally required in some sectors and other organisations are within their right to require a check before hiring, even if it is not legally required for that industry.

A national police check in Sydney is required by individuals who are applying for or have received a job offer in industries including aged care, occupation-related licensing, volunteer positions, security, criminal, justice, and those that include working with children.

A national police check may sound scary, but it is only a formality. There is no need to worry as the process is quick and easy. As stated above, any minor convictions that happened more than a decade ago should fall under the spent convictions scheme and hiring is still at the employer’s discretion.

What Details Are Included in a Sydney Police Check?

A Sydney police check is used to determine an employee’s suitability for a role. The national police check will either state No Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO) or Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO). NDCO means there is no police information available to disclose. A DCO means there is police history information to disclose and can include traffic offences, charges, court convictions, guilty findings without conviction, good behaviour bonds, other court orders, and pending matters awaiting trial.

Any police history not falling under the spent convictions scheme can be disclosed. However, the information that can be disclosed depends on the nature of the police check. The purpose of the check as well as any other relevant legislation will determine what information is disclosed.

A police check is considered valid as of the date of issue. These are ‘point in time’ checks that have no official period of validity. It is up to the employer to decide how recent a national police check must be.

How to Apply for a Police Check in Sydney

If you are an employee who requires a police check as part of the vetting process or an organisation wanting to carry out a police check for a prospective employee, you can apply directly through the Australian Federal Police or use an ACIC-accredited agency such as CrimCheck. CrimCheck simplifies the process and is able to gather the same legal information as the federal police.

Traditionally, a police check was a lengthy and time-consuming process that required written forms sent by post. However, CrimCheck has simplified this process using an online platform and phone verification. Now, police checks can be conducted, sent out and returned in only a few days. Getting your police check fast-tracked ensures your information is received in a timely manner so you can begin employment as soon as possible.

The self-service portal is user-friendly and easy to use, taking only a matter of minutes to complete. CrimCheck is the only not-for-profit, ACIC-accredited organisation providing national police checks. Get started with your individual police check here.

Need Group or Business Police Checks in Sydney?

CrimCheck also does police checks in Sydney for groups, businesses, and organisations. Instead of doing multiple individual checks, get police checks for all your employees at once. By using the online portal, a large-scale police check for multiple individuals can be done easily and in record time.

Through its many sources, CrimCheck can gather information from court and police databases including overseas court systems as well. Through the CrimCheck website, you can monitor and access all police checks submitted through the portal by logging in to your secure account.

For all police checks, individual or group, CrimCheck is the trusted not-for-profit police check expert. Head over to the CrimCheck website to learn more about how we can assist you.

Seeking Police Checks in Different Regions?

If you are an organisation operating in several different regions, or a recently relocated individual seeking employment, CrimCheck services all of Australia. If you require a police check outside of Sydney, find your state or territory below:

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