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National Police Check Brisbane

Getting a police check in Brisbane is no longer the time consuming, confusing process it once was. Nowadays, you can get an accredited police check in as little as 24 hours by going through an agency that has access to speedy online verification.

Police checks can be required in a number of circumstances in Brisbane, including starting a new job, working with children, attending court, or travelling overseas. They can be requested for employees, volunteers, and people in training. Police checks identify whether a person has a criminal history, is awaiting trial, or is subject to court orders.

For employers, police checks are an important part of ensuring the safety and security of their personnel, clients, and data, and are a legal requirement when operating in certain industries. Having an up-to-date police check removes a potential barrier to employment or volunteering.

In the past, getting a police check was a lengthy process, necessitating in-person verification and taking up to weeks. Delays could mean missing deadlines, discouraged volunteerism, and sometimes led to employers skipping getting checks done.

Thankfully, this process has now been streamlined and can be done simply with a single phone call and efficient online process. Obtaining a police check through an agency accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), such as CrimCheck, ensures the process is accurate and secure.

A Brisbane police check will show charges, court convictions, findings of guilt (including those with no conviction), court orders, and currently pending matters awaiting trial. Some historical charges may not appear in reports, such as minor convictions that happened several years in the past.

Who Needs A Police Check In Brisbane?

Police checks are required in Brisbane for a number of reasons, including:

In certain industries, it is a legal requirement for a police check to be conducted when individuals apply for a job, licence, or registration. In Brisbane, mandated police checks are required for those who are:

  • Working with children
  • In Government positions
  • In the gaming and racing industry
  • Public passenger drivers (including bus and taxi drivers)
  • Working in Correctional Centres.

Anyone working with children in Brisbane will need a police check in order to obtain their ‘blue card’. This includes paid employees, volunteers, students working with children as part of their training, and business operators who visit the school site.

Brisbane police checks are appropriate for all employment and volunteer purposes. However, if you require a check for Visa or Immigration purposes, that will need to be obtained directly via the Australian Federal Police.

What Shows Up On A Police Check In Brisbane?

A police check undertaken in Brisbane will include in its report any criminal history from all states and territories in Australia, based on the purpose of the check. The National Criminal History Report may include:

  • Pending matters awaiting court hearing
  • Charges
  • Court convictions
  • Findings of guilt with no conviction
  • Good behaviour bonds or other court orders.

The report will indicate either ‘No Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO)’ - ie: no police history information is held, or can be released), or ‘Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO)’ - ie: there is police history information that can be released.

Certain convictions may not appear on the report if they are considered ‘spent convictions’. This can include convictions where:

  • There was no prison sentence, or a sentence of less than 30 months,
  • Enough time has passed (ranging from 5-10 years, largely depending upon whether conviction was as a child or adult),
  • The person hasn’t broken the law since their conviction.

Certain serious crimes will always show up on a police check, regardless of the amount of time passed. This includes sexual assault, grievous bodily harm, and significant drug offences.

In addition, spent convictions will continue to show up on police checks for working with children, the elderly, or disabled, working in healthcare, public transport, rescue services, government roles, and careers involving firearms.

How do you apply for a police check in Brisbane?

Applying for a police check can be done quickly and seamlessly via an accredited agency like CrimCheck. You only need to make one phone call, and the agency will use their online verification tools to access all state and federal databases. Payment is straightforward, progress tracking is provided, and most reports are returned within twenty-four hours.

CrimCheck is Australia’s only not-for-profit agency providing National Criminal History Checks, and returns all profits to local community and support services. They are Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited, and provide both individual police checks and bulk checks for organisations.

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Need Police checks for your whole business or organisation?

CrimCheck provides businesses and organisations with a no-fuss way to obtain multiple police checks that is simple, efficient, and affordable.

Business clients are provided with a dedicated client portal and single payment account, and bulk checks attract a discounted rate.

Upon creating an account with CrimCheck, your organisation will receive:

  • Access to an easy-to-use web-based system with comprehensive training
  • Phone and email support
  • Effortless pre-payment system
  • Detailed progress tracking.

Online verification tools are used without any requirement to have employees present in person, and most reports are returned within 24 hours.

As well as being accredited to access records across all states and territories in Australia, CrimCheck also has agreements with several sources to supply International Criminal History Checks, so you can have extra surety around employing people who have lived or travelled overseas.

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In Another state?

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"I have been using CrimCheck for some years now and I have had nothing but great service from the system and staff. I would recommend CrimCheck to anyone wanting an efficient, user-friendly service."

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