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Police checks, while tedious, are a part of the employment process. To avoid delays in the hiring process, CrimCheck processes police checks quickly – making things easier for both individuals and businesses. CrimCheck bypasses the use of post and in-person verification and instead uses simple online and over the phone verification for much faster processing times.

ACT police checks will show an individual’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges sourced from the databases of all Australian police agencies. You should also be aware of the spent convictions scheme that annuls a conviction after a period of 10 years has passed if an individual has no further criminal offences. The spent conviction scheme means that not all past criminal convictions may be displayed in the check if the past of the individual in question falls under the spent convictions scheme.

It is important to remember that, in the ACT, aged care workers require a police check before being employed. ACT police checks include criminal information from other states and territories in addition to information from the ACT. This makes it so you only have to process one police check before you know the history of the potential employee you wish to hire.

How Do I Get a Police Check in the ACT?

You can get a police check in the ACT through either federal police or by an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency. CrimCheck is ACIC accredited and can gather the same legal information as the federal police. It is also important to note that when undergoing police checks, you must make sure to use an accredited agency. There are many police check service providers in Australia that are not accredited.

Getting a police check with CrimCheck is fast and simple. We process most police checks in two business days to make sure you get the information you need in a timely fashion to make the right decision when hiring. Our self-service portal is easy to navigate and takes very little time to complete. CrimCheck is also the only not-for-profit organisation providing National Criminal History Checks.

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How Long is a Police Check Valid in the ACT?

Technically there is no set validity period for police checks in the Australian Capital Territory. But with that being said, most employers will not accept a police check older than three months. It is best to check with the employer first to see if you need a current police check or not.

How Long Does a Police Check Take in the ACT?

In most cases, a police check can be completed and returned within 24 – 48 hours. Allow extra time for complications on a case-by-case basis. For example, an international check will take longer than a police check based only in the ACT. Common names also tend to take a little longer as we want to ensure we have information on the correct individual and do not mistakenly give another individual’s personal information out.

How Much Does a Police Check Cost in the ACT

Contact us to see our pricing for police checks.

Need Police Checks for Your Whole Business or Organisation?

If you are a business that needs police checks for all your employees, CrimCheck is well-versed in police checks for entire organisations. Through our many sources, we can also give international criminal history checks from various court systems worldwide for employees coming from overseas. Usually a tedious and lengthy process, CrimCheck simplifies this with our web-based portal made specifically for organisations we work with. You can track and control all the police checks that you submit through the portal.

Head to the CrimCheck website to learn more about how we can help.

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