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National Police Checks In SA

National Police Checks In SA

In South Ausstralia, police checks are the norm for applicants looking for work or volunteer positions. Therefore, it’s important for both employers and employees that police checks are done quickly and thoroughly. This way the employee can move seamlessly to their new job while the employer can feel assured that they have the right person.

Police checks in SA were previously time-consuming, taking days or weeks. Still, with a phone call and online verification tools, you can have results in as little as twenty-four hours without sacrificing accuracy.

SA police checks will show all pending matters awaiting trial. These include charges, court convictions (including penalty and/or sentence), guilty findings without conviction, and good behaviour bonds. Also, other court orders from all states and territories, but there are exceptions. The Spent Convictions Act 2009 states that quashed offences or minor offences that were completed at least ten years ago, (or five years ago for juveniles), will not show up on a police check, unless you are getting checked for working with children or vulnerable people (disability or aged care sector).

For your protection, you should always have an agency accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), such as CrimCheck, conduct your police checks.

How Long Is A Police Check Valid In South Australia?

In most cases, a police check is valid for five years in South Australia. This includes checks conducted for Working With Children, volunteers, and most major industries. Some employers, however, may require checks to be performed more frequently, particularly in industries where sensitive information is handled, such as finance.

How long does a police check take SA?

Unlike the days of postage police checks, online checks can now be completed much more quickly. In most cases, a check can be returned in twenty-four hours. This can be extended due to issues such as people with common names and information, as it takes longer to ensure that the results are appropriate for that person only.

Police checks are conducted via all state and federal police agencies, but even though this seems like a lot of work, CrimCheck’s streamlined processes can ensure a fast and accurate report.

How do I get a police check in SA?

To get started on your SA police check, contact an ACIC accredited agency, such as CrimCheck, to apply for your police check. The process is easy. With a quick phone call and online verification tools, your application will be a breeze. In most cases, results are available within twenty-four hours.

Crimcheck is the only not-for-profit criminal check organisation in Australia. Not only can you get your police check completed easily and quickly, but you can rest assured that the fee goes back into the community.

So whether you’re an individual, a business, or a not-for-profit, you can get started on your police checks straight away, with a quick and easy process that delivers reliable and accurate results with CrimCheck.

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