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Police Check QLD

Getting a Police Check In Queensland

Police Checks are required by many places of employment and volunteer positions, so it’s vital to ensure that you get your Queensland Police Check done right. Police Checks should be quick and thorough so that the hiring process can continue and employers can ensure they are hiring the right person.

Historically, Police Checks could take weeks, as forms were mailed back and forth or the subject of the check would need to present in person. Presently, online verification tools and phone calls have made the process much quicker without sacrificing accuracy.

Queensland Police Checks include all the states and territories in Australia and the Federal Police database, so whether you’re in Burleigh Heads, Birdsville, or Bamaga, the results will be the same.

Queensland, like many other states and territories, has a law regarding spent convictions. This states that minor offences which occurred historically will not be reported as part of a Police Check.

Police Checks in Queensland will show all pending matters awaiting trial, charges, court convictions (including the sentence and penalty), guilty findings without conviction, and good behaviour bonds and other court orders, except those covered under spent conviction legislation.

Police Checks should all be conducted by the correct authorities. While some visa and immigration issues might require a check done through the Australian Federal Police, for most purposes a check can be done through state police or an accredited agency of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), such as Crimcheck.

What About Aged Care? Do You Need A Police Check If You Work In Aged Care In Queensland?

Yes, it is a legal requirement to obtain a Police Check to work in aged care. Due to the vulnerability of the clients in aged care, it is vitally important that aged care workers be shown to be trustworthy people.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) providers are legally required to obtain Police Checks for all workers. For more information on the requirements for Aged Care Workers check the Aged Care Worker Screening Guidelines, the Australian Government Department of Health has a complete guide.

How Long Is A Police Check Valid For Qld?

Under most circumstances, Queensland Police Checks are valid for five years. However, employers may request them more frequently. This is most often the case in companies that require a high level of security, such as the financial sector.

Your Police Check will be a report on all crimes committed within your lifetime, although there are exceptions for spent convictions, and some underage convictions may be sealed. If you are unsure if these parameters apply to you, it is best to contact an accredited criminal check agency, such as Crimcheck.

Spent convictions apply to minor convictions that occurred outside of a selected period of time (in most states and territories, this time is five to ten years). The period between the time of the last conviction and the expiration of the conviction must be crime free, otherwise the wait time begins again, and all convictions will appear on a Police Check.

Do I need A Police Check For Employment In Brisbane & Queensland

It is becoming commonplace for employers today to ask for a Police Check. While not compulsory for all lines of work, if you’re going for a security job, or a teaching job, especially with minors, then a Police Check would be required of you.

Do Spent convictions show on a Police Check in Queensland?

No, spent convictions will not appear on a Queensland Police Check, unless an exemption applies.

Can I get A international Police Check with Crimcheck?

Yes, you can get an international Police Check through Crimcheck. We have links to courts worldwide to assist us with international Police Checks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

How do I get a Police Check in Queensland

In Queensland, you can access a Police Check via State Police, Federal Police, or an accredited agency, such as Crimcheck.

While previously these checks were done via a long process of postage and in-person requirements, Police Checks can now be done over the phone or online, streamlining the process while still maintaining security and accuracy.

Crimcheck conducts Police Checks with a quick phone call, and results can be in your hand in one day, except where further research is required to ensure the correct criminal history is assigned to the correct report.

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Crimcheck is also Australia’s only not for profit Police Check organisation, which means that your fee is going back into your community.
So whether you’re a company that requires large batches of Police Checks or an individual getting your check to allow you to start your dream job, Crimcheck can ensure a fast, reliable, and accurate report so you can protect your company or start on your next career with ease and certainty.

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