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In the Northern Territory, police checks are commonly used when applying for work or volunteer positions, particularly if you want to work with children, the vulnerable, or the elderly. For this reason, checks must be thorough and timely. This way, employers can be sure they have a good candidate, and employees can get started on their new job.

Historically police checks have been time-consuming and arduous, taking days or weeks due to post and in-person verification. Now, a quick phone call and online verification tools can get a full report in as little as twenty-four hours while still maintaining accuracy.

NT police checks show all matters awaiting trial such as charges, court convictions (including penalty and/or sentence), guilty findings without conviction, good behaviour bonds and other court orders. Some historical charges may be dropped from reports, however, as per the Criminal Records (Spent Convictions) Act 1992. Under the Act, minor offences will not show up on a police report if there has been a crime-free period afterwards of ten years for adults and five years for juveniles. Any offence can qualify for this unless they are sexually related; are charges against a corporate entity; involve an intensive supervision order, or a lengthy prison term is issued.

For security and assurance, always go through an agency accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), such as CrimCheck, for your police checks.

How do I get a police check in NT?

The first step to any police check is to ensure you find an organisation that is accredited with ACIC, such as CrimCheck. Other factors you may wish to consider is whether the organisation is professional and timely in their reporting. Some places require in-person verification, which adds a lot of time to the process. CrimCheck requires a quick phone call, and through the use of online verification tools, you can receive a report within twenty-four hours.

CrimCheck is Australia’s only not for profit police check organisation, which means that your fee will go back into the community.

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How Long Is A Police Check Valid In the NT?

Police checks are usually valid for five years. This includes checks for working with children. Some employers may require more frequent checks, particularly those industries that work with sensitive information, such as finance. So, while it is standard for your check to be valid for five years, the employer may choose to request checks more frequently.

How Long Does A Police Check Take NT?

Police checks can take as little as twenty-four hours if you choose the right organisation. ACIC accreditation gives the organisation access to all states, territories, and federal databases, which ensures accuracy in reporting. Crimcheck’s online and phone processing means that you will get an accurate and rigorous report in less time.

How Much Does A Police Check Cost In The NT

A police check via Crimcheck costs $23.50 for volunteer positions and $49.50 for employment checks. As CrimCheck is Australia’s only not-for-profit police check organisation, some of the fees will go back into the community.

Need Police checks for your whole business or organisation?

While CrimCheck is a not for profit, they are experienced in working with businesses that require large batches of police checks. CrimCheck’s streamlined processes will allow your company to have full police checks conducted on all existing employees, as well as potential new employees, quickly and without sacrificing accuracy. CrimCheck can provide your organisation with fast, secure, and affordable police checks.

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