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National Police Checks In WA

Police Checks are used in many industries when applying for work or volunteer positions. These checks are essential for both employers and employees, as they allow employers to ensure their staff are reliable, while giving employees peace of mind regarding their work environment. For the hiring process to run smoothly, Police Checks need to be done by an accredited agency that can provide a swift and thorough report.

In the past, Police Checks were a lengthy process that required postal or in-person verification. This has more recently been streamlined to an online or phone service for quick results without sacrificing accuracy.

WA Police Checks cover all states and territories and the Federal Police database. Whether you’re in Kalumburu, Albany, or Balgo, the results will be the same. Due to the Spent Convictions Act of 1988, older convictions or convictions that have been ruled as spent will not be visible on Police Checks.

Police Checks in WA will show the following: Pending matters awaiting trial, charges, court convictions (including penalty and/or sentence), guilty findings without conviction, good behaviour bonds, and other court orders.

It is important that your Police Check is performed by an accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) agent. Under the current, streamlined system, results can usually be returned in one day. They can take longer if there are multiple records with the same or similar information.

WA Police Checks are the correct ones for employment and volunteer purposes. Some situations may require a WA police force check, which can only be administered by the WA police. For Visa or Immigration checks, you may need to apply directly through the Australian Federal Police.

Are You A Volunteer? We Specialise In Volunteer National Police Check Applications

In WA, Police Checks are often required for volunteer positions, whether for the purposes of Working With Children checks, or due to working with the public in general.

Crimcheck specialises in volunteer Police Checks. Crimcheck is Australia’s only not-for-profit Police Check agency, giving them unique insight into the industry. They specialise in processing large groups, so your volunteer organisation is in good hands.

Does A Spent Conviction Show Up On A Police Clearance?

No. Under Western Australian law, a conviction can be designated as spent by the WA Police Force if the conviction resulted in a fine of less than $15,000 or if a prison sentence of 12 months or less was imposed. A conviction can become spent after a prescribed period, usually ten years, plus any term of imprisonment imposed at the time of sentencing.

If a crime is more serious and exceeds these parameters, a conviction can be deemed spent after review by a District Court Judge.

This applies only to convictions that occur within Western Australia. As Police Checks are national, it’s important to consider the rest of Australia. While the other states have versions of spent conviction laws, it is worthwhile researching the laws in other states if they apply to any of your convictions. A legal professional or an accredited Police Check agency such as Crimcheck can assist you.

How do I get a Police Check in WA?

You can get Police Checks through the state and federal police, or through an accredited agency, like Crimcheck.

The current processes are much easier than they have been in the past, where a lengthy process of interviews and mail, has been substituted by a simple phone call, and most reports are issued in one day. This means the employee or the job of your dreams is much closer than previously.

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As the only not-for-profit Police Check organisation in Australia, Crimcheck keeps the cost of Police Checks low, and you can also feel good knowing that your fee is going back into the community.

So whether you’re running Police Checks for your employees, or you’re an individual who’s chasing the job or volunteer position you want, there’s a quick, secure, and thorough way to make your future brighter through a Crimcheck Police Check.

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